The Tyee: Another Vancouver-spawned Bitcoin firm accused of owing millions

In a long read in The Tyee, I chronicle the tumultuous path of Vancouver’s David Smillie, who caught the cryptocurrency wave after leaving a high-flying TV career. He founded the Bitcoin exchange ezBtc, and it rose fast, but then users say they could not withdraw their money off the platform. Now ezBtc is accused of owing more than C$60 million and counting. Sounds familiar? The ill-fated QuadrigaCX came from the same city.

The Tyee: In the fight for Bitcoin’s soul, the pirates are losing

In The Tyee, I write an essay based on Ben Mezrich’s Bitcoin Billionaires (Flatiron, 2019), laying out the push to make a scared public embrace cryptocurrencies. There is a changing of the guard in crypto-blockchain. The idealistic, outsider mentality of the early adopters is being squeezed by the pragmatic, rule-abiding and regulator-pleasing ambitions of a new breed of entrants.