The Tyee: In the fight for Bitcoin’s soul, the pirates are losing

In The Tyee, I write an essay based on Ben Mezrich’s Bitcoin Billionaires (Flatiron, 2019), laying out the push to make a scared public embrace cryptocurrencies. There is a changing of the guard in crypto-blockchain. The idealistic, outsider mentality of the early adopters is being squeezed by the pragmatic, rule-abiding and regulator-pleasing ambitions of a new breed of entrants.

Toronto Star: Go ahead Vancouver, ban Bitcoin ATMs

In the Toronto Star, I write about how I’m no big fan of Bitcoin ATMs, which profit in part from the unbanked, but that Vancouver’s potential ban on those machines is the wrong approach. The city is trying to curb alleged money laundering, but the punishment is too broad, and its effectiveness questionable. It’s like shooting mosquitoes with a shotgun.